BetWinner Affiliate Program Review: Earning Potential in Bangladesh and India

Looking to earn extra cash in the betting industry of Bangladesh? Check out the BetWinner Affiliate Program. Their comprehensive review covers rewards, earning prospects, and available marketing tools. Join BetWinner Affiliates today!

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Reputation of brand in Bangladesh

The BetWinner Affiliate Program provides up to 50% commissions and tailored support for affiliates. All you need to do is create an active player base and grow it.

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Brand ambassadors help increase the platform’s credibility, while marketing materials such as banners, landing pages and text links can be used to generate revenue.

Reputation of brand in Bangladesh

The program offers payment transparency with a range of commission structures that maximize earnings potential. Withdrawals are made on Tuesdays for the previous week in BDT, INR, USD or crypto.

Introduction to the BetWinner Affiliate Scheme

The BetWinner Affiliate Program provides an amazing opportunity for affiliates in Bangladesh and India to maximize their income from the global betting industry. Through joining, individuals can get access to commissions of up to 50% by revenue sharing referral program which gives them part of the net revenue generated by referred players. All it takes is completing a registration form online. Upon approval, partners will have comprehensive marketing tools at hand including high-quality ads, promotional materials as well as real-time tracking reports on referrals’ activity that allow them to better monetize their campaigns with BetWinner thus increasing their earnings significantly.

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Registration at BetWinner Affiliate Program

Beginning your journey with the BetWinner Affiliate Program involves some easy steps:

  • Access their official registration page and click on “Join Now”
  • Fill out the registration form carefully providing all the required information
  • Submit it, after which a representative from Betwinner will be in touch within 24 hours to proceed further

The affiliates associated with this program enjoy privileged access to personalized assistance, tips for success as well and approved marketing materials created by quality assurance teams. Hence ensuring that promotional activities are successful and also follow guidelines across channels they promote via the control platform of the Betwinner affiliate team.

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Models of co-operation

There are only 4 collaboration models you can co-operate on. Each of them has its own pros and cons that affect your income.


Revenue Sharing (RevShare, RS) – the bookmaker shares a part of his income from the players referred by you.


Cost per Acquisition (CPA) – the bookmaker pays a fixed rate amount for each new player who makes his first deposit.


Hybrid (RevShare+CPA) – a combination of CPA and RevShare models, but with lower rates and % RS.

Sub Affiliates

Sub Affiliates – the bookmaker pays % from the income of other affiliates you have attracted.

BetWinner brand ambassadors

BetWinner’s iGaming industry standing combined with its ambassadors Enhances the platform’s reliability and draws in affiliates looking to make it as a partner. BetWinner is an attractive opportunity for these people due to their strong reputation which leads them towards promoting more effectively by leveraging both brand recognition and celebrity endorsements, creating great potential for those who wish to join this network of partners. With such positive connotations built around the product, affiliates will be able to capitalize on this momentum when starting advertising campaigns about Betwinner and its services.

Getting Started with BetWinner Affiliates

Once you become a member of the BetWinner Affiliate Program, your journey towards success begins. To access your account dashboard full of helpful marketing tools and resources to aid in promoting BetWinner, log in with the details provided when approved for membership. Here you can find banners, landing pages and text links that are customizable so they speak directly to your target audience thus increasing revenue from traffic generated through successful conversion rates by utilizing these available materials. By optimizing the usage of each tool given within this program more income is potentially possible leading up to greater gains when it comes to working with Betwinner as an affiliate partner!

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Features of the BetWinner Affiliate Platform

Dashboard Mastery

BetWinner, using a trusted BetB2B affiliate software provider that offers only high-quality ads reviewed and approved by the quality assurance team, enables you to optimize your campaigns for maximum revenue. By utilizing performance reports on clicks, impressions and conversions in combination with the range of promotional materials such as banners, landing pages or text links tailored for your target audience available via their website you can easily increase conversion rates and maximize earnings.

The support from an experienced dedicated account manager ensures successful marketing efforts too. They will share step-by-step instructions of successful case studies that you can simply repeat to get results.

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Evaluating Commission Structures & Earnings

BetWinner Affiliate Program offers an adjustable commission structure that spans from 25% to 50% of the income generated by members you refer. Your financial rewards will rely on how many users register and their expenses on the platform. To guarantee high earnings, promote BetWinner’s products through your website or blog as well as with available marketing tools offered by them, Use social media to reach out to more people. By increasing your active player base, you increase your weekly income. It is not unreasonable to set monthly goals for your active players.

Besides offering a revenue share model there are also CPA and hybrid models so affiliates can determine which payment plan best suits them. By picking an appropriate remuneration system along with applying efficient approaches for promoting BetWinner it’s possible to increase returns substantially while collecting passive profits via this program.

Estimated earnings potential with Betwinner Affiliates

Payment Transparency and Timeliness

BetWinner stands out for its commitment to providing timely and open payments. Usually, commissions are settled every Tuesday for the previous week. This provides affiliates with accurate plans on their finances which Betwinner guarantees you will receive quickly and securely no matter what payment method is used. Whether it’s Gpay, Nagad, Rocket, UPI, bank transfer, e-wallets or cryptocurrency through an assortment of reporting tools they provide so everyone can track performance in real-time.

To get started collecting commissions There must be three active users with a balance total that adds up to $30+. You then have to continue meeting these conditions otherwise receiving ongoing payments won’t happen anymore.

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Author Review: Farid Ahmed

Betting expert, former cricket player.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BetWinner affiliate work?

BetWinner affiliates can generate income mainly using a revenue share system that starts from 25%, progressing up to 50%, To CPA (cost per acquisition or action) possibilities. This enables the affiliate’s earning potential with BetWinner to be maximized. You advertise a product. Players sign up using your link or promo code and play. The bookmaker receives revenue and gives a part of it to you on Tuesdays for the previous week.

What is the minimum withdrawal from the BetWinner affiliate?

BetWinner Affiliates require a minimum amount of $30 to be able to withdraw their money, with some payment options including BetWinner Player Account. From this account, you withdraw money as ordinary players do – with the same payment methods. You cannot place bets from this account, you can only receive and withdraw money from it.

Is the BetWinner Affiliate Program suitable for both new and experienced affiliates?

The BetWinner Affiliate Program is a great way for both inexperienced and experienced affiliates to make extra money. With its generous program, it provides an ideal platform for creating passive income streams easily. If you already have an audience – a player base – you’ll start earning quickly.

What marketing materials does BetWinner offer its partners?

BetWinner furnishes its affiliates with several marketing tools, like landing pages, ref links, promo codes, banner ads and promotional resources. All these components are useful for promotion purposes and are supplied by them so BetWinner partner will achieve the best results.

BetWinner Bangladesh Contacts and Customer Support

For those interested in getting started with Betwinner or needing assistance while using their services, the bookmaker provides a variety of contact options. These include email, phone, and live chat support available 24/7. You can reach them through various channels:

Phone: +442045772772

Security department: [email protected]
Marketing enquiries: [email protected]
Live Chat: Utilizing the website’s Live Chat feature for direct communication with staff members directly on their platform.

The customer support team is highly responsive and always willing to help with any queries or concerns that you may have. They also offer support in multiple languages, including English and Bengali, making it easier for Bangladeshi users to communicate with them.