Maximize Your Earnings: All You Need to Know About the Megapari Affiliate Program in Bangladesh

Looking to make a name in the online betting space? Join the Megapari Affiliate Program for a rewarding experience! Get all the details, benefits, earning potential, and helpful tips in this complete guide. Start now!

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Reputation of brand in Bangladesh

High-margin RevShare plans with the ability to invite sub-affiliates are available to all Megapari affiliates. The bookmaker shares the revenue from each player with you during the entire activity period.

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Clean player base in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. For anyone who is not the first day in affiliate marketing is clear – high signup conversions await you.

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Fast payouts once a week to all local methods: Nagad, Rocket, bKash, Upay, NexusPay and others. Withdrawal of money only from 30$. Withdrawal to crypto wallets is also available.

Megapari Affiliates: Overview for Bangladesh and India

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The Megapari Affiliate Program encourages affiliates to join and start generating income while promoting the wonderful products of Megapari. By collaborating with this company, you can experience high conversion rates as well as a rewarding revenue share from your efforts in developing new audiences for them. Partners from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal appreciate the partner program and are willing to share their success stories on social media. Read the reviews on TrustPilot, for example, and you won’t want to hear about other brands.

Joining the Megapari Partners program is a great opportunity to monetize your online presence and reach out to potential customers from around the world. All of their partners get access to all necessary information, as well as support – everything they need for success in their respective countries when it comes to promoting this company’s products via referral link or promo code. Reliable services mean you can rest assured that the money earned will be worth its weight!

Understanding the Megapari Affiliate Program Co-operation Models

Megapari’s Affiliate Program offers three partnership models for affiliates to select the right fit based on their goals: Revenue Sharing, CPA and Sub-Affiliates. Every model provides its own advantages so that all affiliate accounts can maximize success.

We will now take a deeper look into each of these plans to help you make an informed decision about which program would be best suited for your Megapari affiliate account.

Revenue Sharing Model

Affiliates who want to maximize their profits can benefit from the revenue-sharing system. This model will enable them to gain a certain percentage of the net revenue earned by those players they have referred, providing an attractive opportunity for them.

The amount of money you can make is dependent on how successful your marketing efforts were – more referrals equate with higher RevShare % and commissions! Not much, but the players are big – you can consider yourself a jackpot winner. Earnings from brought highrollers are usually off the charts. Now it’s time for affiliates from Bangladesh to put their promotional skills into practice and start raking in bigger earnings than ever before.

Sub-Affiliate + RevShare

The most profitable option is when you get RevShare from your players and a small percentage of revenue from the players of the affiliates you bring in.


Are you looking for an alternative revenue share? Consider Megapari’s CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) as an alternative with which you can make money faster, but less in the long run.

Through the model, you will receive a fixed fee per player referred. Payouts can be from $25 to $40 for everyone who makes their first deposit! Players must be real – don’t even think about being sneaky.

Please note that this model is only available to affiliates who can bring in 10 or more new FTDs (first deposit players) per day.

Benefits of promoting the Megapari brand in Bangladesh and India

Megapari’s brand advertising in Bangladesh and neighbouring countries offers numerous advantages. With the increasing interest in online gambling and betting, this country presents an untapped market for Megapari’s promotions.

The company already enjoys a strong reputation and aspires to become the leading sports betting platform for Bengali players. By offering a reliable and legal platform along with generous rewards, Megapari aims to attract users from Bangladesh. Partners who join the affiliate program early will have the opportunity to quickly build a player base and receive RevShare while players remain active and engaged in betting. This strategic approach ensures both growth and profitability for all participants.

Getting Started with Megapari Affiliates

Ready to start earning profits and join Megapari’s affiliate program? Registration is easy, all you need to do is fill out the registration form and wait for a personal assistant to contact you.

  • When filling out the form, include your real email and contact for communication. In the website field, you can include your telegram profile or any additional contact.
  • Immediately after applying, you will be contacted by your helper – personal assistant. He will activate your account and make sure that your transition to this program goes smoothly, accompanying you every step of the way.
  • One of the nice benefits is that you can be given a demo account to test the platform without risking your money.

Accessing Promotional Materials

As an affiliate of Megapari Bangladesh, you are given access to promotional materials such as banners, referral link and email template. Take advantage of these resources to draw people in. That way more visitors can be turned into long-term supporters of the brand. And not just any traffic, make sure your efforts pay off with increased earnings! Utilizing this marketing approach properly will give you a significant boost when it comes to reaping benefits from being part of Megapari’s team.

Earning Potential and Payouts

Estimated earning potential in Megapari partners

Being an affiliate with Megapari can be a great way to increase your revenue, and understanding the payment system is key to maximising profit. This part of our guide will give you the necessary information about tracking player activities, selecting appropriate payment methods and meeting minimum payout levels so that you make sure every penny earned gets returned into your pocket!

Tracking Player Activity

As a Megapari Affiliate, it’s essential to check up on the performance of your players. To stay informed, you can access real-time data regarding deposits, winnings and withdrawals in your Partner Area. This lets you observe how successful marketing efforts are progressing so that any changes needed for better results can be implemented.

Payment Methods

There are several ways to earn money at your disposal. Direct bank transfer if you represent a company, e-wallet and cryptocurrency are all viable options for withdrawal. If you are a local MegaPari affiliate from Bangladesh, you can withdraw to your bKash, Rocket or Nagad wallet. Take your time to choose the method that suits you best so that getting money is easy and fast!

Minimum Payout Threshold

For those looking to receive their commissions, you are given the freedom to select from a range of payment options. The minimum payout threshold for bank transfers is set at $500 while electronic wallets require only $30.

This enables you to make your preferred choice without worrying about financial limitations and successfully claim what’s rightfully yours!

Tips for Success as a Megapari Affiliate

Example of promotion of Megapari affiliate partner

To be a successful Megapari Affiliate, it is key to make sure you reach the right people, efficiently use promotional materials and maintain strong visibility online. Applying these tactics will help maximize your marketing efforts while earning a higher income. Let’s look Into what success strategies work best for being an affiliate with Megapari.

Targeting the Right Audience

Determining and engaging your intended market when it comes to Megapari’s services is paramount for success. Analyze the target group, assess competitors, and take advantage of social media platforms to reach potential players. Advertise through social networks, as well as optimize search engine results so that you can effectively attract the right audience.

Utilizing Promotional Materials Effectively

Maximize the conversion rate for your business by taking advantage of Megapari’s marketing tools. Create and post advertising materials to popular portals, forums, or blogs to persuade players to join up with Megapari. Utilize these supplied promotional resources strategically so that you are successfully boosting traffic towards your resource while publicizing the brand at the same time. Use the demo account features to demonstrate the platform’s potential to new players.

Building a Strong Online Presence

To successfully promote Megapari, it is important to develop and maintain a strong online presence. Find something you are interested in related to sports or casinos. Review sports matches or discover detailed tactics for playing Aviator. Be visible to your target audience. By providing valuable advice on the topic without attempting direct product promotion, you will be able to establish yourself as an expert in your field while gaining the trust of viewers.


The Megapari Affiliate Program is an attractive choice for affiliates as it allows them to earn revenue by promoting Megapari. With high conversion rates, lifetime commissions, a range of commission models plus marketing support provided by this program. With effective utilization of promotional materials and building a strong online presence, affiliates can greatly boost their success with Megapari’s Affiliate Program. So why wait? Sign up now and become part of the Megapari affiliate family. Let your platform and expertise lead the way in promoting this top brand and watch as your commissions soar!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commission rate for Megapari affiliates?

As a Megapari Partner, you can benefit from commission rates ranging between 25% and 50%, offering an attractive financial incentive.

What commission models does Megapari offer?

Megapari provides a selection of commission models to choose from, like Revenue Sharing, CPA and Sub-Affiliate plans. These options give you the freedom to find an approach that best meets your marketing goals.

How can I track my referrals and earnings?

Track your referrals and earnings as they happen with the Partner Area. Giving you insight into player activity and results. Get a comprehensive view of all this data in one place so that it’s easy to stay on top of your performance.

What payment methods are available for Megapari affiliates?

Payments to Megapari’s affiliates can be made by any method available to regular players. Local wallets, cryptocurrencies, even bank transfers – choose anyone to your liking.

What is the minimum payout threshold for Megapari affiliate?

Megapari affiliates are your answer to begin making money as soon as possible – with a minimum payout threshold of $500 for bank transfers and only $30 for other payment methods.

Megapari Bangladesh Contacts and Customer Support

The customer service department of Megapari Bangladesh puts a high priority on providing top-notch assistance to its users at all times. The support team is available for you 24/7 and can be contacted via:

Phone: +357 800 92576 (Bangladesh, Pakistan and India)

Phone: +8801886524861 (world)

General enquiries: [email protected]

Queries regarding payment agents: [email protected]

Marketing enquiries: [email protected]

Live Chat: In the app select "online consultant" from the menu, on the website click on the message icon in the right corner.

Whatever your issue may involve such as registering an account, money deposit & withdrawal queries etc., the customer care representatives are ready and eager to offer aid promptly. You can thus rest assured that each concern will find a fast solution with no difficulties along the way! The customer service has been rated by our users as top rated.