Making Money with the Melbet Affiliate Program in Bangladesh and India

Discover the income-generating possibilities of Melbet Affiliate Program! This overview covers commission plans, promo materials, and payment solutions. Let’s explore what it takes to become a successful affiliate!

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Reputation of brand in Bangladesh

Melbet affiliate program in Bangladesh offers attractive commissions of up to 45% RevShare, one of the lowest admin fees and weekly payouts by local methods.

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Promote a strong brand with quality promotional materials (banners, GIFs, videos, mailings) and the support of famous ambassadors such as cricketer Faf du Plessis.

Reputation of brand in Bangladesh

Support by a personal manager from 0 to the first 150000 BDT commission and beyond. Personal managers speak Bengali, as well as English, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu.

Highlights of Melbet Affiliates Bangladesh

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Joining the Melbet Affiliate Program launched in 2017 gives individuals a wide range of potential advantages. From enticing commission opportunities, to access to multiple promotional resources and committed support from affiliate managers, now is the right time to become part of this renowned program and begin gaining income for yourself.

The Melbet Affiliate Program Bangladesh is a top-notch gambling affiliate platform that allows affiliates to earn money by referring new customers and promoting its brand. Through this program, participants will benefit from steady payments and have access to plenty of potential users. With their convenient app, tracking progress becomes effortless for members participating in the Melbet Partner Program.

We’ll take an in-depth look at how it works, outline who this program targets as well and reveal why affiliating with Melbet could be beneficial to you!

How the program operates

The Melbet Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for affiliates to earn money. By referring new users and promoting the brand, they can receive a commission from the activities of their referrals, such as sports bets or playing casino games, which have become legal in multiple locations. This user-friendly program with its consistent payments makes us highly recommend it among other affiliate programs out there.

The basic model of operation is the profit-sharing model (RevShare). Cooperating with a bookmaker according to this model, you will receive a commission from the bookmaker’s profit. Here is an example:

During the week, 20 players registered through your links or with your promo code, bet on sports and played casino. The bookmaker’s profit amounted to 130000 BDT. If you have a 40% RevShare commission plan, you will receive 52000 BDT, which you can withdraw next Tuesday.

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The target audience for Melbet affiliates

The Partners Program of Melbet provides an ideal channel to increase earnings, introducing plenty of chances for progress. Those qualified website holders in the sports and casino sectors as well as tipsters who have YouTube channels, facebook or telegram groups or social media influencers can tap into their follower base and skill set to help promote Melbet while driving new registrations too!

Anyone joining this program will be able to make great use of its multiple opportunities by leveraging partners, markets plus affiliates associated with it so that they gain monetarily.

Commission Models and Rates

Commission Structures for affiliates

The Melbet Affiliate Program provides affiliates with various commission plans to meet different requirements. These include the RevShare (Revenue Share Model), a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Deal and a Hybrid Model, each of which comes equipped with its own benefits and corresponding payouts. We will take an in-depth look at these program models shortly, along with their associated remunerations for affiliate marketing efforts.

No matter what model you choose – be it revenue share or hybrid – this unique affiliate program promises excellent earning opportunities for all involved!

Revenue Share Model

The Revenue Share Model is a popular commission structure among affiliates, who get paid for the profit their referred users generate. This type of payment scheme entails earning a share based on your referrals’ activities in sports and casino games: the more the bookmaker earns – the more money you get. This method rewards those that attract high-quality players to the platform.

On top of receiving income through user activity on multiple levels (such as bets or gaming), an affiliate also enjoys increased rates (up to 45% RevShare, or the maximum 50%) when there are lots of participants involved due to his/her own efforts. This means that bringing in plenty of folks will increase earnings even further. When cooperating under the terms of this model, the revenue commission from each player will come as long as the player is active on the platform.

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Deal

Affiliates can benefit from the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) deal because it provides a flat fee for each person who registers and makes a deposit through their affiliate link. This is an attractive offer for those who want to receive a one-time payment without regard to the winnings or winnings of those users.

In a CPA deal, the focus is on attracting more customers rather than worrying about their activity and the costs of referred customers. This gives affiliates more security in choosing this model over other compensation plans. However, this model is less profitable because the reward for each player is one-time.

Hybrid Model

A hybrid model, customized to your advertising needs, offers the benefits of both Revenue Share and CPA systems. This model allows you to receive both fixed payments for each new user and regular payments depending on the bookmaker’s revenue from that user. Due to the regular payments received from the introduction of new customers, this method provides revenue stability in the short term, as well as the possibility of generating higher revenues later on for Melbet affiliates. In this way, flexibility and the potential to maximize earnings is ensured!


The hybrid model (CPA+RS) is more popular for affiliates in European markets 22bet partners with affiliates who own websites in target markets.

The brand of Melbet affiliate program advantage

Affiliates looking to increase their earnings will find plenty of benefits in partnering with the globally recognized Melbet brand. It has become a leader in online gambling due to its expansive selection of sports betting and casino services, as well as an admirable track record for customer service which brings customers back again and again. Promoting the brand in Bangladesh is easier than others as the brand is backed by famous cricketers, and user support is in Bengali language.

Offering competitive odds alongside quality customer support is key – affiliates are likely to draw more players from this large variety that Melbet offers. This is especially evident when the top cricket championships of IPL, BPL, PSL and CPL take place. With a wide cricket lineup and an unrivalled number of markets, more and more players are choosing this platform.

Joining the Melbet Affiliate Program

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Registering as a Melbet affiliate is simple. The first step is to register an account, which must then be approved. You will need to fill out an application form with your contact details and submit it. After that, you will be assigned a personal manager who will contact you within 1-2 days. After activation, you can log in to your personal account and start promoting the company’s services and earn commissions through referrals.

Personalized manager will give you everything you need:

  • Referral links to register and to download the application;
  • a personalized promo code that gives players an increased bonus;
  • a demo account of a player on sports or casino.

Maximizing Earnings with Melbet Affiliates

Maximizing your profit as an affiliate with Melbet necessitates the use of powerful promotional strategies that connect to potential customers. By making smart utilization of marketing tools and resources, you can bring more referrals in, augment your commission revenue and maintain success over a prolonged period. To this end, we will be exploring some influential methods for promotion including special creative customer materials which have been designed with affiliates in mind.

Potential schedule of earnings with Melbet Affiliate

Effective promotion methods

To be successful as an affiliate for Melbet, it is important to leverage personalized promotional codes and share them on various websites, social media channels, and other communication platforms. This method can encourage user registrations with the potential of increasing commission earnings. Collaborating with partner affiliates could help amplify revenue flow by sharing success strategies together.

Utilizing the multi-channel customer service provided by Melbet Affiliates is another essential factor that will assist in efficiently marketing your product to a wider target audience while maximizing earning opportunities available within this program.

A narrow focus – for example, creating a YouTube channel about the game Aviator or another popular game can increase your chances of success.

Reviewing sports games this way can also work. If you know about sports, teams, players – people will listen to you and your analytics and predictions.

By combining effective promotion techniques with these supportive measures offered one should see steady income results from the effort invested into promoting Melbet services effectively.

Benefits of Partnering with Melbet Affiliates Bangladesh

Benefits of partnering with Melbet Partners

Partnering with Melbet gives affiliates numerous advantages, such as high commission rates and access to a variety of promotional materials. Affiliate managers provide personalised support for those who choose to work with them. By signing up to become an affiliate with the well-established brand that is Melbet, you will have the opportunity not only to increase your earning potential but also to benefit from consistent income through effective advertising strategies. To make sure all these benefits are provided efficiently there is personalized assistance given by experienced affiliate management teams at Melbet’s disposal, who can provide tips on converting traffic into customers and maximize commissions.

Moreover, affiliates are provided with real-time statistics tracking tools to monitor their traffic referrals and earnings accurately. These insights help the affiliates improve their marketing strategies further.

Brand reputation

Promoting Melbet, a renowned name in the sports and gambling sector, is sure to attract new users for affiliates while boosting their earnings. This reliable brand offers great competitive odds along with comprehensive betting options that appeal to the widest audience possible. As an affiliate of this company, you can trust its customer service as well as ensure high returns from increased userbase.

Personalized support

As a Melbet affiliate, you are assured of receiving native language top-notch support from knowledgeable and committed affiliate managers. Through their personalized aid given by your own personal manager, it’s possible to optimize gains while setting up campaigns as well as taking full advantage of all tools & resources available via Melbet. Affiliate managers provide continuous assistance towards achieving success for every partner that works with them.

Payment Methods and Withdrawal Options

Payment methods to withdraw commission from Melbet Affiliates

Melbet provides a selection of payment and withdrawal options for affiliates so that they can conveniently obtain their payments. Whether you prefer traditional bank transfers or more modern solutions such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, Melbet is the right choice for everyone.

In this article, we are going to analyze in depth all the available methods and go through every step involved in the process of withdrawing your earnings.

Payment methods supported by Melbet partners

For the convenience of all its affiliates, Melbet partners offers a variety of payment options that can meet varying requirements. These include popular e-wallets such as Nagad, Rocket and bKash To cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or USDT.

With secure transfers guaranteed for every transaction, all affiliates are ensured speedy payments via their chosen method at Melbet. In fact, withdrawals are possible in all the ways that are available to the brand’s players.

Withdrawal process

As an affiliate with Melbet, you can easily receive your earnings. All payments are credited to the affiliate account every Tuesday and may be withdrawn once they reach a minimum of $30. Processing times depend on the payment method chosen. E-wallets and credit cards typically take 15 minutes or less while bank transfers require more time for completion.

Dozens of reviews of companies and single partners about cooperation with Melbet Affiliates

Success Stories and Testimonials

The Melbet Affiliate Program has been a major success for its affiliates, largely attributed to the high commission rate and wide range of promotional tools provided To dedicated assistance. Many are making great money through this program as confirmed by various stories and reviews related to it. Showcasing its potential when implemented properly. For some, the road to success began with the creation of their first YouTube channel. For some, it started with the creation of a telegram group of cricket fans.

To provide insight into how current affiliates have experienced working with the program, we will answer some commonly asked questions that could help all aspiring Melbet affiliate marketers maximize their earnings over time.


For those looking to make money by promoting the Melbet Affiliate Program, a leading brand in sports betting and casino gaming, this opportunity is definitely worth considering. With generous commission rates and specialized assistance from experienced affiliate managers (plus multiple promotional tools) affiliates have access to everything needed for success! Separately, it is worth noting the low admin fee of the platform. With Melbet Affiliates you will earn more from the same efforts than on other platforms. Don’t miss out on unlocking your earning potential through the program today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Melbet Affiliate Program?

To become an affiliate of the Melbet program, head to their website and fill out all necessary information for registration. A personal manager will contact you afterwards and provide you with everything you need.

What payment methods are supported by Melbet Affiliates?

For the benefit of customers, Melbet offers a range of payment options like Upay, Nagad, Rocket, bKash, Perfect Money, Visa/Mastercard and Bank Wire transfers to digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

What is the withdrawal process for Melbet affiliates?

Melbet affiliates are entitled to take out their earnings whenever they reach the threshold of $30 or more. Commissioned money is credited into affiliate accounts every Tuesday, allowing them to enjoy access to their income.

How does the commission structure work for Melbet affiliates?

Melbet offers a tiered commission structure, with rates varying based on the earnings generated by referred players. The more players you refer to the platform and the higher their revenue, the greater your commission percentage will be.

Can I track my referral activity on Melbet Affiliates?

Yes, Melbet provides affiliates with access to a user-friendly dashboard where they can track their referral activity in real time. This includes data on clicks, registrations, deposits, and commissions earned. In Melbet affiliate app for Android, you can monitor your statistics wherever you are.

Are there any marketing materials available for Melbet affiliates?

Yes, Melbet provides a wide range of marketing materials such as banners, landing pages, and other promotional tools to help affiliates attract more players and increase their earnings. Affiliates can also request custom marketing materials from their personal manager.

Melbet Bangladesh Contacts and Customer Support

If you need aid while making use of Melbet BD, their devoted customer service team is always on hand to provide help. The hotline (phone number +442038077601) is open and accessible all the time should you require assistance.

Alternatively, there’s an option for Melbet online chat through their website or send a mail if Support is needed. The most popular among Betting BD users is the online chat on the website and app. The competent support staff will help to resolve questions quickly in Bengali, English or Hindi.

Phone: +44 203 8077601

General enquiries: [email protected]
Security department [email protected]
Deposits and withdrawals: [email protected]
Partnership enquiries: [email protected]
Live Chat: Click the message icon in the bottom right corner.